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Published:September 12th, 2015 10:02 EST

Why America Hates Hillary Clinton But Loves Donald Trump

By Robert Paul Reyes

This was supposed to be Hillary Clinton`s summer cake walk to the Democratic presidential nomination, instead her campaign is engulfed in malaise and there`s a sense of impending doom.


Hillary`s original plan was to ignore the media and her rivals, focus on preaching sisterhood, and bask in the adoration of her fans that`ve waited for an eternity for a viable female presidential candidate.

But Hillary can`t ignore Senator Bernie Sanders who is steamrolling her, and the email scandal refuses to go away.

Hillary can`t shake the email controversy, and the deeper truth it reveals: That she`s a corrupt and venial politician who will do or say anything to win.  Hillary at first tried to ignore the scandal, then she attempted to blame it on a vast rightwing conspiracy, finally she apologized (sort of), pleading that she was trying to be as transparent as she possibly could. Hillary attempting to be transparent is like Donald Trump trying to be demure and polite.

Speaking of The Donald, Hillary is the antithesis of the real estate mogul. Donald is the anti-politician who can get away with saying anything. If Trump declared that Mother Teresa wasted her life ministering to the poor in Calcutta, his favorability ratings with Catholics and females would soar. Hillary, on the other hand, is the quintessential politician who parses every word, but still ends up offending almost everyone.

Americans are sick and tired of politics as usual and they find the status quo unacceptable, that`s bad news for a boring politician like Hillary and good news for a racist and pompous, but entertaining celebrity like Trump.

The American electorate is desperate for the truth, Hillary is the epitome of the deceitful politician, and Trump for all of his racist leanings and misogynist tendencies is perceived as a truth teller.

Hillary the feminist vote may be in your pantsuit`s pocket, but regular folks are sick and tired of your lesbian chic wardrobe, screeching voice, arrogance, philandering husband, and wrinkled angry countenance  -- in short we hate everything about you.

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