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Published:September 13th, 2015 14:15 EST

Dude Who Shot Roommate While Teasing Cat With Laser Sight Fined $50

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Onalaska man who accidentally shot his roommate while teasing a cat with the laser sight was fined $50 Friday after pleading guilty to a weapons crime.


Vaughn Rothering, 22, will pay a total of $591 including court costs and will be eligible to have the felony conviction for injury by negligent handling of a dangerous weapon expunged.

According to a criminal complaint, Rothering and his roommate were on the porch of their Onalaska residence on May 11 when Rothering let their cat chase the laser of his 9mm pistol; he said he was spinning the gun in his hand when it went off and struck his roommate in the ankle."

Lacrosse Tribune

The cat could have easily lost one of his nine lives; thank goodness the only one hurt was this wanker`s roommate.

Dude really? If you want to entertain your kitty, you can buy a laser pointer for a couple of bucks at Dollar General, instead of using your gun`s laser sight.

I bet Rothering was under the influence of a controlled substance, and I`m not talking about catnip.

His felony conviction shouldn`t be expunged, when you make such a stupid mistake it should follow you for the rest of your life.

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