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Published:September 16th, 2015 10:38 EST

Kim Cattrall Says It's Offensive to be Called 'Childless'! Amen!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Kim Cattrall is best known for playing Samantha Jones, the feisty public relations maven on Sex and the City.


In an interview with BBC Radio about life after 50, Cattrall argues that she is a mother even though she doesn`t have any children.

`I am a parent,` the 59-year-old said. `I have young actors and actresses that I mentor. I have nieces and nephews that I am very close to.`

She added that she finds it offensive when she`s described as `childless.`

`It sounds like you`re less because you haven`t had a child,` she said."

ABC News

Sex and the City is the quintessential chick soap opera, and thus anathema to any red-blooded male. I hate everything about the romantic sitcom, from its equine star Sarah Jessica Parker to the program`s obsession with the sex lives of its vacuous characters.

I am predisposed to ignore any utterances emanating from the stars of this HBO series, but Cattrall does make a valid point. I vehemently disagree with her statement that she is a mother even though she doesn`t have any children.

You can claim the title "mother" only by going through the travails of childbirth and taking care of a child until he or she becomes an adult, or by adopting a baby and raising it as your own flesh and blood.

The pertinent phrase in my last sentence is "taking care of a child until he or she becomes an adult", simply giving birth but then neglecting to properly raise a child doesn`t make a woman a mother either.

I admire any woman who mentors a young girl and serves as a role model for her, that makes her a terrific human being, but not a mother.

However I agree that a woman who doesn`t have children should never be described as "childless" it certainly implies that she`s less of a woman because she`s not a mother.

Kudos to all the mothers who love and properly raise their children, and to all the wonderful women like Cattrall who never had any children, but serve as mentors and role models.

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