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Published:September 18th, 2015 14:41 EST

Lost Pooch Found Keeping Watch Over Trapped Friend: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Thanks to a loyal setter and a group of volunteers, two dogs were found safe after a week lost in the woods in Washington state.


Tillie, the setter, stayed with her doggie friend Phoebe for a week. She left each day to go find help. Phoebe a basset hound, was trapped in a concrete cistern in a ravine where Tillie stood guard.

The nonprofit animal rescue organization Vashon Island Pet Protectors had posted photos of the dogs on their Facebook page, hoping someone would spot them. On Sept. 14, they received a call saying that while they were out on their property, a reddish dog had come up to them a few times, before promptly heading back into a ravine."

USA Today

The phone tip about the reddish dog led to their rescue, the pooches have been reunited with their family. The canines were starving and exhausted but otherwise in good health, and they are ecstatic to be home.

Leave it to pooches to show us the power of loyalty and friendship. Phoebe wouldn`t leave her best buddy Tillie in that lonely cistern; she stood guard to protect her from predators.

If you want a friend that sticks closer than a brother, don`t join a dating site to find a girlfriend or wife, no human relationship lasts forever, and your perfect match might kick you to the curb when she finds somebody with a fatter wallet or a slimmer physique.

If you`re seeking a friend who will never leave you or desert you, go to your local animal shelter and adopt a puppy.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia