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Published:September 18th, 2015 10:33 EST

Madness Down Under: Snake Catcher Removes Pythons From Toilets

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Queensland residents be warned, there may be an enormous snake lurking right underneath your toilet seat.


Snake catcher Elliot Budd, from Townsville, in north-east Queensland, was called out to a property in Mount Stuart after a group of tradesmen discovered a massive carpet python coiled up in the downstairs loo.

`It was about three metres long - definitely one of the biggest I have ever relocated,` Mr Budd told Daily Mail Australia."

Daily Mail

Everything is topsy-turvy Down Under, wild animals are the masters, and human beings cringe in fear. We`ve all read countless articles about dingoes kidnapping babies, crocodiles biting off arms and legs, kangaroos fighting in suburban streets, and now it turns out Aussies can`t even relax when they are taking care of business for fear that a python may be lurking in the toilet bowl.

Elliot Budd has been called out twice in the past two weeks to remove enormous pythons from residents` toilets.

To answer the question that`s on everyone`s mind: No he doesn`t use a plumber`s snake to remove pythons from a toilet. The fearless snake catcher uses his hands to pull the creature out of the toilet.

Australians don`t leave in fear of the Zombie Apocalypse; they already have their hands full dealing with dingoes, crocodiles, kangaroos and pythons.

Pic of the python in the toilet:


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Photo Credit: Wikipedia