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Published:September 19th, 2015 10:48 EST

Kali the Cat Using a Toilet Just Like a Person: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Elena Cano`s cat mastered potty training faster than a lot of people`s kids. This is not a joke.

It took the European shorthair fewer than eight weeks. Now when 10-year-old Kali needs to relieve herself she hops up on the toilet and does her thing.


No, she doesn`t flush. But the orange feline does sound off a special meow right before she goes so Cano knows she`ll need to go flush."

Tampa Bay Times

Wow, not only does Kali the Cat use the toilet, but she has a special meow to alert her owner that she needs to flush! Who knew a cat could be so considerate.

The worst part about owing a cat is cleaning the litter box, especially when one of your felines weighs 25 pounds and his turds are as big as baseballs.

I don`t have the patience to train my cats to use the toilet; hell what kind of a trainer would I be anyway, when I take a whiz I usually end up splashing the bathroom floor.

My cat Tico is so fat that I can just see him falling into the toilet bowl and getting stuck, not for me, but if you`re interested here`s a video demonstrating how to train your furry friend to use the toilet just like a human being.

Link to video of Kali using toilet: