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Published:September 19th, 2015 10:02 EST

Woman With 3,714 Knives in Her Mobile Home Arrested

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Sheriff`s deputies discovered a virtual warehouse of knives, swords, machetes and hatchets inside a house trailer when they arrested a Florida woman, the Hernando County Sheriff`s Office said Thursday.


In total, deputies counted 3,714 bladed weapons, sheriff`s office spokeswoman Denise Moloney said.

Each room in the trailer had at least 500 weapons, she said. Photos released by the sheriff`s department showed swords and knives arranged so densely as to create a wall of weapons. Investigators found no firearms."


A convicted felon, 3,714 knives in a trailer, and throw in a pentagram and fake body parts, and you know that the dateline for this story is Florida.

Deputies went to mobile home of this disturbed woman to help probation and parole officers serve a felony arrest warrant for a parole violation.

The parole violation involved a knife (of course!); the convicted felon used a knife to damage a neighbor`s window screen and air conditioning unit.

Nickole Dykema, 47, isn`t just a harmless eccentric with a fetish for knives and a penchant for decorating her trailer home with fake body parts; she`s an evil witch who swung a machete at a deputy, missing his face by inches.

After a five-hour standoff, and being shot at least twice with beanbag rounds from a shotgun, the knife-loving monster was finally taken into custody when a deputy managed to stun her with a Taser.

Just another day at a trailer park in the Sunshine State. . .

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