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Published:September 21st, 2015 09:22 EST

Harley the Chihuahua Named 2015 American Hero Dog

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Harley the dog is almost impossibly small. He`s missing an eye, his legs are deformed and his tongue sticks out of his mouth because most of his teeth had to be removed. But Harley is more than a survivor, he`s a hero.


The tiny Chihuahua received a huge standing ovation Saturday night at a black-tie gala in Beverly Hills, where he was named American Humane Association`s 2015 American Hero Dog.

The 6-pound Chihuahua has become the mascot for a Harley to the Rescue campaign, which has raised money to help National Mill Dog Rescue save and care for more than 500 dogs to date."


Harley the Chihuahua is tiny, but he has the huge heart of a Rottweiler. He`s overcome impossible odds just to survive, and in the process he`s become a hero and an inspiration to thousands of dog lovers.

Harley is a warning of the fate that befalls dogs raised in puppy mills, these inhumane facilities that emphasis profits over the welfare of the canines they breed, where appalling conditions of care are the norm.

Every dog has his day, even survivors of puppy mills, and Harley was honored by the American Humane Society for raising awareness about the dark side of dog breeding and the thousands of puppy mills operating in the United States.

There may not be as many animal shelters as there are puppy mills, but I beg anyone looking for a puppy to adopt a rescue dog. Puppy mills not only abuse dogs, but they also rip off customers. At an animal shelter you can adopt a healthy puppy for a nominal adoption fee.

I`ve adopted two healthy, loyal and loveable pooches from an animal shelter, and I can`t even begin to describe the blessing they`ve been to me.

I hope and pray that Harley the Chihuahua will inspire you to visit an animal shelter.

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