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Published:September 22nd, 2015 14:53 EST

I Don't Stand With Ahmed Mohamed! Fraud Deserves to be Clocked!

By Robert Paul Reyes

The Internet is saturated with the now iconic photograph of Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old ninth-grader from MacArthur High in Irving, Texas.
The image of the handcuffed Ahmed, with a faded NASA T-shirt draped over his skinny shoulders, nerdy heavy-frame glasses and a confused and frightened expression on his face invokes feelings of empathy. Women want to hug him, men want to pat him on the back, and young people feel duty-bound to expresses solidarity with him on social media platforms.

Finally a Muslim kid that Americans can embrace, Ahmed has been getting love and support from everyone from President Obama to celebrities to regular Americans.

The needy kid wanted to impress his teacher with his homemade clock, and instead of getting a gold star, he was taken into custody by police, handcuffed and transported to a detention facility, fingerprinted, and suspended from school. Ahmed has become the poster boy for victims of racial discrimination and anti-Muslim hatred.
Let me take a contrarian and more realistic view: Ahmed isn`t a victim of racial profiling or anti-Muslim bias; he`s just another victim of the absurd zero-tolerance laws that are in place in most of our public schools. Hundreds of students, just as innocent-looking as Ahmed, have been suspended and arrested for the crimes of drawing pictures of guns, or pretending that a finger is a pistol.

But because he`s black and a Muslim he`s become a cause celebre for Obama, who never misses an opportunity to pander to Muslims, and to clueless wankers who make a fetish out of political-correctness.
Ahmed isn`t a victim of racial profiling, and his clock isn`t a brilliant invention, it`s a fake. I`m not an electronics expert, but electronics geeks claim that his homemade clock is actually a factory-produced clock. Ahmed took a clock out of its enclosure and placed it in a pencil box. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and the professors at MIT may be going crazy over Ahmed`s "invention", but you don`t have to be a rocket scientist or even a high school graduate to spot a fraud.

Faux Internet outrage is a horrible thing, but the exultation of a nerdy kid and his fake invention is even worse.
Let`s get real Ahmed doesn`t deserve a Nobel Prize and he doesn`t deserve to be lauded as a civil rights hero, he`s just a geeky kid who deserved to be clocked for his deceitful and ingratiating manner.


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Photo Credit: Wikipedia