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Published:September 24th, 2015 18:04 EST

Pizzeria's Pontiff Picture Pie Praises Pope: Piety or Profits?

By Robert Paul Reyes

T"here is all sorts of wild and zany merchandise out there ahead of the pope`s visit to New York City and now there`s pope pizza!

It`s the passion of one man in Greenwich Village. He spent hours creating the pope`s image out of pizza toppings.

At Bleeker Street Pizza, chefs are now transforming pies into portraits of his holiness."



Pope Francis` trademark is his humility, and I`m sure he`s thrilled that he`s been commemorated on a humble pizza pie.

I would turn down a communion wafer, but I wouldn`t mind eating a pope pizza as a tribute to Pope Francis.

The owner of Bleeker Street Pizza is just trying to make a buck, but I bet that Pope Francis and even Jesus would love a delicious pope pizza.

Proof pontiff positively passionate about pizza:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia