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Published:September 26th, 2015 10:00 EST

Cat's Death Stare Ends Puppy's Barking: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

We`ve been monitoring our pup at home to get a sense of how much barking he`s been doing. Chazz had just started barking after my wife and I left for work but luckily our cat, Greyscale, shuts that down.


YouTube video description

Puppies are adorable and they brighten our days, but when we leave for work, they darken the days of our neighbors with their infernal barking.

Devon Meadows said he and his wife, Ashley, left their puppy, Chazz, alone to go to work, and sure enough he started barking -- until their cat, Greyscale, put an immediate end to the tomfoolery

Greyscale didn`t bite or scratch the little pooch; he jumped on the bed with Chazz and shut up the annoying little thing with a death stare.

Satisfied that the point was made Greyscale jumped down after a few seconds, and Chazz could only utter one pathetic little yelp.

Hail the new King of the Internet: Greyscale!

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia