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Published:September 27th, 2015 10:58 EST

Climber With Only One Finger Nears Everest Summit

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Since April, climbers have been notable by their absence from the towering mountain, but one brave man wants to show people it can be done


A man who lost all of his fingers to frostbite is set to be the first climber to scale Mount Everest since the deadly earthquake in April.

It will be Kuriki`s fifth attempt to reach the summit of the world`s tallest peak."


The 33-year-old lost his fingers on a previous attempt to conquer Mount Everest, this guy just doesn`t give up. I believe in "if at first you don`t succeed, try again ", but maybe God is telling Kuriki to take up another hobby.

He is almost at the summit of the deadly Mount Everest, if he accomplishes his goal he will be able to brag: Look Ma no fingers!

Don`t ask me how a man can scale a mountain with only one finger; I wouldn`t attempt the climb if I had four arms and four legs.

Kuriki is truly fearless, a killer earthaquke and the loss of his fingers didn`t deter him from attempting such a dangerous climb.

Dude, I`m rooting for you!

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia