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Published:September 28th, 2015 11:40 EST

Cat Who Stands Like a Human Being Looks Like a Stoner!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Cats are the epitome of style, grace and athleticism; it doesn`t look like they expend any energy as they jump from the sofa to a tall bookcase.


Our feline friends may be cute as a button, but they are deadly predators who can outjump and outrun hapless prey like squirrels and mice.

If cats could stand like human beings you`d expect them to look as debonair as Fred Astaire leaning on a walking stick.

But take a gander at this Japanese kitty standing like a human being, he looks like a stoner:

Warning if you click link you may turn into a stoner to cope with a world in which a stoner cat finds celebrity on the Internet.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia