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Published:September 29th, 2015 16:55 EST

Burger King's Black Halloween Whopper an Abomination!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"You don`t have to go to Japan to try Burger King`s black-bunned Whopper.

Burger King is bringing it to the U.S. just in time for Halloween. Something wicked is coming, announced the burger chain on Twitter, with a brief promo video featuring thunder and lightning and a lunar eclipse, with a burger standing in for the moon.


But it`s not just the color, insists Burger King. It`s also the flavor, with A.1. Sauce baked into the bun. According to Burger King, it`s the sauce that turns the buns black."


I thought there couldn`t possibly be a more abominable Halloween treat than Candy Corn, but Burger King`s black-bunned Whopper takes the cake.

I love me some A.1 steak sauce, but I prefer it slathered on a hamburger patty, not baked into the bun. I will never, ever eat a hamburger served on a bun that looks like it has been burnt.

Burger King is taking Halloween too far, only the devil and his minions will buy the evil black Whooper. Burger King made a whopper of a mistake, and there will be hell to pay.

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