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Published:October 2nd, 2015 11:38 EST

Bill Cosby's Honorary Degree Revoked by Jesuit University

By Robert Paul Reyes

The University of San Francisco, a Jesuit Catholic university in San Francisco, is the latest college to revoke an honorary degree awarded to disgraced comedian Bill Cosby.

What the hell took a Catholic university so long to revoke Cosby`s honorary degree? A Christian institution should honor individuals who embody Christian values, over 60 women have accused the disgraced comedian of rape and sexual assault, and it`s been manifestly evident for months that Cosby represents the antithesis of Biblical values.

Cosby is unrepentant serial rapist and his behavior is inconsistent with human norms, any university or civic organization that has bestowed an honorary degree or award on Cosby should immediately rescind their honors.

At this point journalistic integrity demands that any news story or editorial about Bill Cosby depict him as a serial rapist, the mountain of evidence against him is overwhelming.

Bill Cosby you are a disgrace to the entertainment business, and to humanity, if you have a shred of decency left please disappear from the spotlight. It`s your victims who deserve to be heard, you can drop dead.


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