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Published:October 5th, 2015 12:18 EST

Just in Time for Halloween: Evil Cat Haunts Cyberspace

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A cat covered in flour has been labelled the `devil` after pictures of him looking possessed were posted online.


Images of the male feline were shared on social media after they appeared on Reddit on Friday night.

They show the black cat appearing to frown at the camera with his bright yellow eyes while a white streak covering his forehead and nose."

Daily Mail

There are a gazillion and one photographs and videos of adorable kittens on the Internet, but just in time for Halloween an image of a devil cat is haunting cyberspace.

The black cat with his piercing yellow eyes is staring right into your soul! Is that flour on his face or is he covered with Satan`s dust? I don`t want to get close enough to find out!

This demonic feline isn`t easy on the eyes, but I`d much rather look at him than at a pic of Kim Kardashian`s huge butt or Miley Cyrus` tiny naked boobs.

Be very afraid this evil cat is haunting the Internet this Halloween!

Pic of evil cat:


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Photo Credit: Wikipedia