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Published:October 6th, 2015 16:46 EST

Rutting Moose Duke it Out in Alaska! More Entertaining Than a Ratchet Hood Fight!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The rut has begun.

On Friday, Bill Tyra and his son, Josh, captured two moose duking it out in the Goldenview Park subdivision in South Anchorage.


`My son and I had front row seats,` says Tyra, who first captured the video above from behind a vehicle then moved to a nearby ledge.

The rut, the season for moose mating, begins at the end of summer and peaks in early autumn."


The rut is always on in the hood, hood rats engage in fisticuffs to attract the attention of the homeboys. There must be a gazillion and one ratchet street fights on YouTube, lovely young ladies will beat each other to a bloody pulp for the honor of being considered the Queen Bee of their hood.

There are no ghettos in Alaska, and therefore no ratchet street fights, but there`s plenty of moose, and here`s an epic moose fight captured on video for our enjoyment and edification:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia