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Published:October 7th, 2015 13:36 EST

Why Americans Hate Hillary Clinton

By Robert Paul Reyes

Barack Obama famously quipped during a debate with Hillary Clinton in 2008 that she was "likeable enough". That quip got him in trouble with feminists who accused him of dismissing and trivializing his female opponent.


The truth of the matter is that Hillary isn`t "likeable enough "; in fact the electorate has a visceral hatred of the woman. My essay eviscerating Hillary may cause feminists to hyperventilate and burn me in effigy.

Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton are the most infamous political couple in America, they are corrupt, ruthless and will do anything to achieve and maintain power. Slick Willy got away with all kinds of political shenanigans and extra-marital affairs because he`s a handsome rouge with Southern charm. Hillary on the other hand, is a wrinkled old lady with a mean disposition, and an irritating fake Southern accent. When Hillary acts like an arrogant despot who is above the law, she has no beauty, charm or eloquence to distract us from her contemptible behavior.

Hillary`s desperate attempts to be likeable are so transparent and phony, that they backfire and persuade us that our bleak assessment of her is spot on. The funny Hillary (Appearance on Saturday Night Live), the humble Hillary (Her Listening Tours), may cause a temporary spike in her approval ratings, but when we hear reports of her mistreating her Secret Service agents, or when she cackles like a witch we are quickly reminded why we hate her with an unquenchable hate.

I have been posting essays in support of gay and lesbian rights since 1998, I was advocating for same-sex marriage and the rights of gays to serve in the military long before it became popular to publicly express such views.

Whereas I was once in the minority in expressing support of gay rights, there has been a sea-change and now most Americans accept gays and lesbians as brothers and sisters and fellow citizens.

I needed to make my position on gay rights crystal clear before I mentioned the main reason why most people despise Hillary.

Hillary and Bill Clinton have a marriage of political convenience; they don`t even make a pretense of living as husband and wife. It`s not love or even affection that binds Bill and Hillary; it`s a shared political ideology and a love of power.

Bill is free to chase after young bimbos, and Hillary is free to pursue lesbian affairs. Bill is reckless with his sexual dalliances, Hillary is more discreet.

Shame on Hillary for pretending she`s heterosexual out of political expediency, and shame on the press for not reporting on her extramarital affairs out of political cowardice.

Americans don`t hate lesbians, but they hate deceitful politicians, if Hillary had a shred of moral integrity she would divorce her philandering husband, and come out of the closet -- who knows it might even make her likeable and result in her winning the presidency.  

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