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Published:October 11th, 2015 11:33 EST

Photo of Cat and Cows Will Break Your Heart!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Modern industrial agriculture, which is dominated by factory farms is so far removed from actual farming, that even including the word farm to describe it is a misnomer. Unlike actual farms, most of the animals living in today`s meat factories never get to see the grass or the sun. From the time, they are born they are removed from their mothers and deprived of even the most basic expressions of love. They grow up indoors in warehouses or in crowded, muddy runs, living their whole lives chained and standing in puddles of their own filth, literally waiting to die. If they are lucky, they will be fed a reasonably nutritious diet before being shipped off to slaughter, while the unlucky ones will be fed fillers, hormones, antibiotics and even the dead remains of their own kind.


Dairy cows have the added indignity of being artificially inseminated, experiencing pregnancy and anticipating motherhood over and over again, only to have their calves taken away after birth. There is nothing farm-like about it. It is a gruesome expression of the human dominance that is destroying this planet."

One Green Planet

This photograph speaks volumes of man`s inhumanity to animals, and to animals` capacity for love and affection.

In this photo a cat is strolling by cows chained to their stalls, one of the cows lowers her head to pet the cat  -- so desperate is she to make an emotional connection with another living creature.

I`m sure that cow has never received any affection from her human owners, who don`t see her as a living creature, but merely as revenue-producing machine.

This image has really touched me, I`m not sure what I can do to alleviate the sufferings of cows, but I`m going to shower my cats with treats today.

Photograph of cat and cows:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia