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Published:October 14th, 2015 15:04 EST

Dude Injured by 16-pound Pine Cone Suing for $5 million

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Navy veteran Sean Mace was visiting San Francisco during Fleet Week last October and had gotten what he thought was a great view to see the Blue Angels soaring across the sky.


He got to the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park at the Fort Mason Center early to secure his spot hours before the show. He read a book. And he fell asleep.

He woke up  the next day in a hospital  after a 16-pound pine cone, or seed pod, fell from a tree at the park, crushing his skull and causing him to have permanent brain damage, short-term memory loss and other cognitive issues."


Mace is suing the federal government for a cool $5 million -- we can only hope that another pine cone falls on his head and finishes him off before a gullible jury awards him any money.

Mace claims there were no signs warning of falling pine cones. Pine trees have pine cones, pine cones fall from trees, no freaking sign necessary.

Did someone weigh the pine cone? If the huge pine cone really weighed 16 pounds he should have sued the Almighty for allowing a pine cone to grow that big.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia