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Published:October 14th, 2015 15:29 EST

Interview With Air Force Amy, a Sex Worker at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch

By Robert Paul Reyes

Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, perhaps the most famous bordello in the world, announced a program that will match debt payments with the amount a sex worker makes. The program will last a two-month period and will apply to women who have been accredited at two- and four-year universities.


In response to this news item I wrote the following article:

Bunny Ranch Brothel to Offer Student Debt Relief

My SOP article sparked an email conversation with an executive assistant of Dennis Hof, the owner of the Bunny Ranch. She invited me to submit questions for Air Force Amy, one of the female employees of the Bunny Ranch.

I`ve heard more than one of the bunnies refer to themselves as feminists, how you can reconcile feminism to working in a brothel where you are reduced to body parts: Tits, puss*, ass.  

Who said I was reduced to body parts: Tits, puss*, ass.  -  You?  Not me nor anyone I associate with ...

(Gymnasts are noted for their athleticism and grace; boxers are praised for their fancy footwork and knockout blows, and prostitutes, for better or worse, are remembered for their physical assets.)

You ladies are fortunate to work in a high-class operation (Bunny Ranch) and to be reality stars as a result of appearing in Cathouse. Aren`t you afraid that you will inspire women to join the sex industry where they will most likely end up in seedy massage parlors or third-rate whorehouses where they will be financially and physically abused?

Why would they most likely end up in seedy massage parlors or third-rate whorehouses where they will be financially and physically abused after watching my show that clearly shows them they are welcome to work quite successfully at the Bunnyranch.  Apple and oranges my dear. Apples and oranges.

(Undeniably, most sex workers toil in deplorable conditions; swanky brothels like the Bunny Ranch are the exception.)

This question is for any employee who is a mother, would you take your daughter to the Bunny Ranch on Take Your Daughter to Work Day "?

Single, no children, no boyfriend, never married, but yes I would take my daughter to work an show her how wrong narrow minded self-righteous hypocrites are about our profession in which I make a living in a safe legal loving nonjudgmental manner.

I guess what I`m really asking is: Are you ashamed, to any degree, of your profession? No.

Are you afraid that one day the religious right will target brothels, the same way they target abortion clinics? No.

Do you regard Mr. Hof as a boss, pimp or father figure? Describe him in one word. Business partner.

What do you think of Hof`s debt relief program, and do you plan on taking advantage of it? I, unfortunately make too much money to subsidize or take loans out on any of my schooling that has led to my current Master`s degree.  I have paid in full all my schooling via working at the Bunnyranch.  Otherwise, I think it is brilliant that someone in America recognizes the student loan atrocities  and is willing to help do something about it.

I thank Air Force Amy for her concise and intelligent answers. in the near future I will publish an interview with Dennis Hoff.

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