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Published:October 17th, 2015 00:47 EST

General Mills Makes 10 Boxes of Marshmallow Only Lucky Charms

By Robert Paul Reyes

"General Mills announced the `unicorn of the cereal world,` Marshmallow Only Lucky Charms, is finally a reality -- but there are only 10 boxes.


The cereal maker said the 10 boxes of Marshmallow Only Lucky Charms will be given out as prizes in the Lucky Charms Lucky Selfie contest, which calls on participants to post pictures of themselves holding imaginary boxes of Lucky Charms on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag, "#Lucky10Sweepstakes."


A box of Lucky Charms containing only marshmallows sounds magically delicious; I would trade everything in my pantry and fridge for such a unique prize. 

But I will not sell my soul or take a selfie (same difference) for a chance at winning such a magnificent treat.

I will drown my sorrows in a bowl of Lucky Charms swimming in beer.

The best part about this promotion is General Mills hiring old school rapper Biz Markie to adapt his 1989 song "Just a Friend" to fit the marshmallow cereal theme.

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