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Published:October 20th, 2015 09:40 EST

Dog Rescued From South Korean Meat Farm Plays on Grass For First Time: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

Pocket was one of over 100 dogs that was rescued from South Korea in a meat farm. Pocket had never seen or walked on grass, smelt a flower, seen the sunshine. This is Pocket`s first grass experience.
See Pocket for Change


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Dogs were meant to run, play and frolic in the grass, during the spring and summer months I take my pooch, Mandy, to the park, where we run and play until we are exhausted. 

To raise dogs for meat for the consumption of humans is evil and inhumane, but to keep the poor creatures confined in cages until they are butchered is wicked beyond imagination. 

I will never vacation in hellholes like South Korea or China where dog meat is served in restaurants. 

Check out this video of a dog that was rescued from a meat farm in South Korea playing in grass for the first time.

We don`t tolerate dogs butchered for their meat in America, but there are many dogs that have been mistreated who are waiting for forever homes in animal shelters. 

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia