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Published:October 21st, 2015 17:43 EST

Fearless Motorcyclist Rescues Kitten From Busy Intersection

By Robert Paul Reyes

Still shaking! Thank you to the mystery lady that helped and all the people that paid attention and stopped, it was very appreciated. Kitten turned out to be a he, and is resting safely now.


YouTube video description

A motorcyclist`s helmet camera was recording when she ran out into a busy intersection to rescue a kitten.

Every motorcycle helmet should be equipped with a camera, since bikes seem to have a magical property that attracts collisions with vehicles.

The fearless woman stopped her bike in the middle of the intersection, signaled other drivers to stop, before getting off her bike and grabbing the hapless kitty.

I don`t have the courage to ride a motorcycle, but hopefully I would have enough compassion and courage to save a kitten under similar circumstances.

Please be courteous to motorcyclists, share the road with them, some of them are angels in disguise.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia