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Published:October 21st, 2015 18:12 EST

Hillary Clinton the Hypocrite Sends Joe Biden the Clueless a Sweet Tweet!

By Robert Paul Reyes

@VP is a good friend and a great man. Today and always, inspired by his optimism and commitment to change the world for the better. 



Hillary Clinton`s tweet to Joe Biden after no-run announcement

Vice President Joe Biden announced Wednesday from the Rose Garden that he will not run for president, ending months of Hamlet-like indecision.

Seconds after Joe left the podium Hillary sent a tweet to Joe praising him to high heaven.

Hillary is a political animal and she views everything from the perspective of how it will help or hinder her lifelong presidential ambitions. You don`t have to be a rocket scientist or a political analyst to know that had Joe declared that he was running for president, Hillary would have immediately fired an email to her campaign manager instructing him to ramp up the Biden opposition research into high gear.

The Hillary political machine would have depicted candidate Biden as a feckless friend and as a suspect individual. She would have implied that a senile old goat who farts with abandon and it  guaranteed to make a gaffe every time he opens his pie-hole shouldn`t have his shaky finger anywhere near the nuclear button.

Hillary you aren`t fooling anyone, you are the most disingenuous and deceitful politician in modern political history.

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