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Published:October 23rd, 2015 09:47 EST

Study: Monkeys With Smaller Testicles Roar the Loudest! Donald Trump Must Have Marbles!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"It`s long been suspected that loudmouths are trying to overcompensate for their inadequacies elsewhere.


Now scientists have found that particularly loud howler monkeys, which are among the noisiest animals on the planet, have smaller testes and produce less sperm than their quieter peers.

But rather than making them less successful mates, the louder members of a group are more likely to have the pick of the females in what the researchers call a `harem` social model."

Daily Mail

The recent Republican presidential debates have been a contest to see who can screech the loudest, with the hands-down winner being Donald Trump.

Donald Trump may have the fattest wallet out of all the presidential hopefuls, but evidently he has the smallest balls. Trump is always shouting "Loser" at all his rivals, but he`s the biggest loser when it comes to the size of his family jewels.

I am a man of few words in my essays, and in my interactions with friends and family. Get my drift?

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia