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Published:October 24th, 2015 09:50 EST

Couple Sees Snowboard-shaped UFO! Bong Dreams or UFO Invasion?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Jason and his fiancée, Lisa, were outside that evening jumping on an outdoor trampoline with their dog. All of a sudden, the dog left the trampoline and ran to the house. The couple thought nothing of it at the time.


As the day wore on, they decided to lie down on the trampoline and stare up at the clear night sky. The two were talked about how beautiful it looked when, suddenly they witnessed an object.

They noticed that, oddly, there were no noises. Lisa said that the UFO came across the sky just above the trees. She describes it as snowboard shaped, but as if someone took both ends of a snowboard and pushed them together, to make a shorter, wider snowboard.  The UFO was black and contained weird markings."

Syracuse New Times

Jason and his finance, Lisa, were jumping on their outdoor trampoline with their pooch  -- a perfectly normal way to spend an evening.

Their dog so no point to jumping up on down, and so he bailed on the couple, and ran inside the house.

At first I thought that marijuana played no part in this peculiar incident, because the only exercise that stoners get is walking to the kitchen to grab some munchies.

But when the lovebirds decided to lie down on the trampoline and stare at the sky, I knew they were potheads. Only a pothead couple would stare at the sky instead of getting freaky on the trampoline.

Then they saw the UFO that looked like a snowboard, I`m surprised they didn`t claim it looked like a bong.

Sweet dreams stoners, next time you see a UFO instead of alerting the media, just take another hit from your bong.

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