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Published:October 28th, 2015 11:02 EST

Hillary Clinton Flirts With Stephen Colbert! Really! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The presidential hopeful stopped by The Late Show to talk about her campaign, life at home and why she wants to be the leader of the U.S. all while somehow managing to get a little flirty with the late-night talk show host. While recalling the successes of husband`s Bill Clinton`s presidency, Colbert noted that if the country went back in time to that era, everyone would have to deal with reliving the `90s, which includes parachute pants, Getting` Jiggy With It and more questionable fashion choices.


`You`d look good in parachute pants,` Hillary told the host."


Hillary Clinton has all the charisma and sex appeal of a decomposing head of cabbage, it was awkward watching her play-flirting with Stephen Colbert.

Let`s get real; Hillary would probably be more at ease flirting with Colbert`s wife, and her attempt at flirting would be presenting her with a dildo.

There are some elderly women that I might contemplate getting jiggy with it, Helen Mirren for one, but Hillary isn`t one of them.

If Hillary wore MC Hammer-type parachute pants it would be an improvement over her boring pant suit ensemble she wears every freaking day.

OK enough about disgusting subjects like Hillary, parachute pants and getting jiggy with elderly ladies.

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