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Published:October 31st, 2015 14:36 EST

Kangaroo Takes Dip in Family's Pool: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

A north Melbourne family`s CCTV camera has captured the moment a curious kangaroo hopped right into trouble after it decided to take a cooling dip in their backyard pool.

The Eltham North family were woken up by a loud splash around 5am, when they discovered the kangaroo struggling to find its way out of their pool.

The CCTV footage of Skippy`s ill-fated pool adventure shows the animal taking a brief moment of pause at the pool`s edge before it decides to take the plunge.

It took the Garraway family 45 minutes and three dramatic attempts to bring the marsupial back onto dry land.


YouTube video description

In Australia wildlife rules and human beings live (if you can call it that) in fear and misery. You never know when a crocodile will bite your leg off when you are fishing at the river, when a dingo will steal your baby you carelessly left on the back porch, or when a kangaroo will take over your pool.

In the States a homeless person or a kid might take a dip in your pool, but in the Land Down Under a kangaroo or Bigfoot might take the plunge.

The hapless kangaroo was freed after three attempts, and he ran off probably to engage in a kick-boxing fight with another kangaroo in a quiet suburban street.

I am not planning on visiting Australia anytime in the foreseeable future!

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia