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Published:November 4th, 2015 15:00 EST

Houston Voters Reject Broad Anti-Discrimination Ordinance! No to Trans-Tomfoolery!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Houston`s controversial equal rights ordinance failed by a wide margin Tuesday, with voters opting to repeal the law that offered broad non-discrimination protections, according to incomplete and unofficial returns.


The ordinance bans discrimination based not just on gender identity and sexual orientation, but also 13 classes already protected under federal law: sex, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, disability, pregnancy and genetic information, as well as family, marital or military status.

Businesses that serve the public, private employers, housing and city contracting are all subject to the law and face up to $5,000 in fines for violations. Religious institutions, however, are exempt. The ordinance was in effect for only three months between extensive legal challenges."


Allow me to preface my remarks on the failed ordinance by stating that I have publicly supported the lesbian and gay communities since I first started posting my essays online in 1998. I advocated for same-sex marriage almost two decades before this important issue gained popular favor.

The tide has turned and now the majority of Americans look favorably on lesbians and gays, and we support laws that guarantee human rights for everyone.

Transsexuals make up about .01 percent of the American population, and it`s ludicrous to enact legislation that inconveniences millions to appease this tiny minority. This is America and a biological female is free to identify as a male, and a biological male is free to identify as a female. But when a man with an intact penis who fancies himself a female, or when a male sexual predator identifies as a female, uses a women`s restroom that`s an intolerable situation.

If a father escorted his young daughter to the restroom, and then a minute later a man tried to follow his daughter inside, I would certainly understand if the father beat the living daylights out of him. Such heroic action by the dad doesn`t mean that he`s transphobic; it means that he loves his daughter and will protect her from all danger.

I believe this ordinance would have passed had it not included the gender identity provision. Transgender persons should use restrooms that correspond with their biological gender; they are engendering hatred by attempting to make using the restroom of their choice a civil rights issue.

Houston spoke loud and clear: Enough with this trans-tomfoolery! Civil rights for transgender persons is one thing, a man using a women`s bathroom is just plain wrong, period, end of story!

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