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Published:November 4th, 2015 15:26 EST

Rainbow Cloud Will Blow Your Mind!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A holidaymaker was amazed when she looked up at the Caribbean sky and spotted this stunning rainbow.


Beckie Bone Dunning was visiting the Jamaican port town of Ocho Rios when she captured the amazing sight on camera.

`I looked up and saw this,` she wrote on The Weather Channel`s Facebook page, `never seen it before in my life. Can you explain it?`"

The Telegraph

This mind-blowing transcendent phenomenon is known as cloud iridescence, a fancy term for "really cool cloud."

These photographs are breathtaking and crystal clear, why can`t UFO nuts master the art of taking a decent photograph?

This rainbow cloud isn`t a sign of the End Times, but feel free to ascribe any meaning you with to this phenomenon.

Amazing Photographs:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia