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Published:November 4th, 2015 15:50 EST

Wrinkles the Clown Will Scare Your Brat Straight! Horrifying Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Desperate parents in Naples, Fla., have a new weapon in their arsenal for reining in misbehaving kids.


His name is Wrinkles, and he`s a creepy-looking clown who has been spotted at gatherings, in public and outside people`s homes for the past few years.

Wrinkles`s real face remains hidden beneath a distinctive mask with large black eye holes and receding white hair. He favors a polka dot onesie with black rubber gloves and he`s rarely seen without a bundle of colorful balloons in one hand. A slight paunch gives him the unnerving appearance of a menacing, man-size baby who lurks in sewers and children`s closets."

The Washington Post

This is taking the "scared straight " concept to an extreme, and I would advise parents to think twice before hiring this degenerate clown to make an appearance at their home. Sure your misbehaving brat may be scared straight, but he will probably wet his bed for the rest of his life. Your incorrigible child may survive a trip to the state prison, but he will be rendered an emotional and psychological wreck after a visit from this clown from hell.  

A creature with large black eye holes, wild white hair, a freaking polka dot onesie and rubber gloves  -- this monster is guaranteed to cause nightmares.

Such an abomination should not be allowed to live, let alone make appearances (for hundreds of bucks) at children`s parties.

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