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Published:November 6th, 2015 09:59 EST

Bernie Sanders Underwear Is Now For Sale! End of World is Nigh! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Millions of voters have taken Bernie Sanders to their hearts. Now they can take him to their nether regions.


Yup. A trio of Vermont entrepreneurs in the state`s capital, Montpelier, are now selling underwear featuring a cartoon-like image of the U.S. senator and Democratic presidential candidate.

The derriere-adorning drawing is accompanied by the words `Feel the Bern` And just like the White House hopeful told talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres, they reflect his preference for briefs over boxers."

USA Today

If a pair of Bernie Sanders` real feces-encrusted briefs was sold on eBay, they would fetch a pretty dollar.

You don`t have to place a multi-thousand dollar bid on eBay for Bernie Sander`s drawers, you can buy one online for only a few bucks. (Don`t worry, they`re not adult diapers.)

Why anyone would don undergarments that bear an image of Bernie Sanders is a question that only a psychologist can answer.

I assume a woman wouldn`t touch a guy who was wearing Bernie Sander`s undies with a ten-foot-pole.

I feel the bern, but not enough to wear Bernie Sanders briefs.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia