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Published:November 9th, 2015 10:23 EST

Why Are Most of the Rap Superstars Gay?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Vivica A. Fox has caused quite the stir after she discussed her ex 50 Cent`s sexuality on Bravo`s Watch What Happens Live.


The actress appeared on the talk-show Sunday to discuss her upcoming role on the hit music-drama Empire, where Fox will be portraying main character Cookie`s older sister Candice. Host Andy Cohen eventually asked the 51-year-old her thoughts on 50 Cent`s comments regarding the show`s declining ratings.

`What were your thoughts when 50 Cent blamed the season ratings dip on `gay stuff?,` Cohen asked. `First of all, you know the pot called the kettle black is all I`m saying,` Fox responded."


I won`t beat around the bush, I freaking hate rap. This misbegotten genre glorifies materialism and violence, and the lyrics of the typical rap song are saturated with misogyny and homophobia. Of course there are notable exceptions, but for the most part hip hop is a putrid wasteland where only the musically-challenged thrive.

The superstars of this hyper-macho genre are super gay, ironic don`t you think?

I was born in San Francisco, and I certainly don`t have any problems with gays or lesbians. I have a fine-tuned gaydar, and I am absolutely convinced that Kanye West, 50 Cent, Lil` Wayne, Soulja Boy, and the Birdman are gay. (Not that you need gaydar to deduce or discern that these self-loathing hypocrites are gay.)

Rap fans are street smart, and they already know that these rappers are gay anyway, so 50 Cent and his gay comrades should man up, and come out of the damn closet!

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