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Published:November 10th, 2015 14:09 EST

Hillary Clinton's Twitter Page Has Incredibly High Number of Fake Followers!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is in first place in another, more dubious category - the highest number of fake followers on Twitter.


A total of 41 percent of the accounts following the former secretary of state and presidential contender do not belong to a real man or woman, according to a Web site called TwitterAudit that ferrets out fake accounts.

The result is that Clinton is left with a total `real` following of 59 percent - more than any other Democratic or Republican candidate."

Daily Mail

As a blogger I`m inherently a little bit shady, but I do have some standards, for one I won`t stoop to the level of buying Twitter followers or creating false followers. According to 96% of my followers are real.

Hillary Clinton is the phoniest politician on the planet; it`s not surprising that so many of her Twitter followers are phony.

Hillary too bad you can`t create phony voters on Election Day, the electorate is going to kick your phony butt to the curb.

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