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Published:November 10th, 2015 13:24 EST

Sarah Sole's Nude Painting of Hillary Clinton a Twisted Masterpiece!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"It`s no secret that 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has a fan in painter Sarah Sole.


The New Orleans-born artist has been depicting the Democrat since her first bid for office, transforming the Hillary we`re used to seeing in press photos into a Marilyn, a Gothic American -- even a Teletubby. On Sole`s website, she showcases a menagerie of these Hillary-themed images, decadent scenes seemingly ripped from a superfan`s daydreams (some of which feature the artist herself). The fiction gets sweeter on her Hillary and I blog. There, Sole (née Ferguson) documents an imagined encounter with Clinton, during which the former Secretary of State poses nude in her studio. Yes, there`s a fictional painting to go with it."

Huffington Post

Hillary Clinton is the most ruthless and corrupt politician in recent political history, she doesn`t have a moral compass, she simply sticks her finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing.

I refuse to list Hillary`s litany of transgressions, if you haven`t figured out by now that she`s the embodiment of evil, you never will, even if the New York Times publishes a naked photograph of her with a vestigial tail.

I employ my over-the-top prose to attempt to depict Hillary as she truly is: The most evil politician of our generation.

However if I used a brush instead of a computer keyboard to depict Hillary, I couldn`t do better than Sarah Sole in capturing her putrefying essence.

Sole`s naked painting of Hillary is a masterpiece, the first hint that there`s something rotten in Denmark are her asymmetrical misshapen breasts.

The artist portrays Hillary staring ahead with no hint of embarrassment at her naked condition or the discomfort she may be causing in others.

Hillary is clutching a bottle of wine, as if the alcohol not only fortifies her, but inspires her political machinations.

Hillary is alone in an apartment  -- there is only room for one malevolent spirit in such a confined space.

The room is untidy and disorganized a clue to the disorder and chaos that lurks in her soul.

Click the link below to see Hillary naked if you must, but you will lose a bit of your soul and a bit of your sanity.

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