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Published:November 11th, 2015 14:32 EST

How to Make Your Home Cat-Friendly!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Taking on a cat is one thing. Catifying your home to rise to true Cat Person status is another.

Choosing just the right gear and tweaking your home can keep felines safe, sane and stimulated, said Kate Benjamin, a `cat style expert` who has appeared on Animal Planet`s My Cat From Hell.


She has teamed with the show`s host, cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy, on a new DIY-focused book, Catify to Satisfy. It`s a follow-up to their 2014 best-seller, Catification, with both offering tips from cat owners on what they`ve accomplished with home enhancements."

Detroit News

You don`t need to attend a seminar or read a book on how to tweak our home to make it cat-friendly.

I`m not a cat whisperer or a feline psychologist, but I have owned cats all my life, and I am more than qualified to speak on this subject.

To keep your kitty safe and content, and to discourage her from killing you while you sleep at night, here`s what you must do:

Have at least two litter boxes for every cat you own, and clean them on a daily basis.

Cats like to nibble throughout the day, always have food available for your pets.

Always have fresh water available for your cats.

Forget about buying expensive toys for your cats, just keep a couple of empty boxes in your house and your kitties will amuse themselves for hours on end.

Give your cats catnip occasionally, there isn`t anything wrong with anyone (human being or feline) getting high once in a while.

That`s it; taking care of cats is as simple as pie.

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