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Published:November 11th, 2015 12:05 EST

Pizza-loving Pooch Almost Sets House on Fire: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

As my husband and I were entertaining guests in the other room, one of our dogs decided to break into the pizza box that was sitting on top of our gas stove. Her paw turned the gas ignition knobs as she tried to put her head further into the box. Luckily we had it on video and know who to blame! Lol let this serve as a gentle reminder not to place items on your stove top and also to carefully choose the placement of your fire detectors.


We now also have child safety locks on our stove knobs.. With Labradors you just never know :-)

YouTube video description

A curious black lab put her front paws on the oven while sticking her head into a pizza box on top of the stove to steal a slice, she didn`t manage to steal a slice, but she managed to turn on the gas ignition knob.

Leaving a box of pizza on top of a stove in a household that includes three rambunctious Labradors is playing with fire.

My dog, Mandy, loves her some pizza, and she will scarf up any pizza that`s within leaping distance. The hungry black lab isn`t to blame for almost setting the house on fire; the homeowners are to blame for tempting their pooches.

Moral of this story: Dog proof your home, and always share your pizza with your pooch.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia