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Published:November 12th, 2015 19:38 EST

John Kasich is a Belligerent & Petulant Loser!

By Robert Paul Reyes

When John Kasich entered the GOP presidential race he promised to run a positive campaign, and to refrain from attacking his opponents. That didn`t last very long, the Ohio governor embarrassed by being an asterisk in the polls, started assailing his adversaries in the CNBC debate, and he went full-attack mode in the FBN debate.


Kasich didn`t gain any traction in the polls after his belligerent and petulant behavior in the FBN debate, but he did manage to earn the contempt of his rivals and the pundit class.

Kasich repeatedly interrupted his fellow candidates, as if the opinion of a blowhard who is lagging far behind in the polls really matters.

Kasich in now universally reviled, I bet even his own wife wants to superglue his mouth shut. If there`s a God in heaven he will get run over by a Mack truck or suffer a heart attack before the next debate in mid-December.

Kasich makes Donald Trump look like a master of etiquette and decorum, God I hope he disappears from the face of the Earth or at least from the next debate.

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