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Published:November 12th, 2015 18:20 EST

Twin Thugs (Malek & Shamel) Swipe Identical Items From Walmart

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Twin brothers are facing theft charges after they stole identical items yesterday from a Walmart in South Carolina, cops allege.


Malik and Shamel Toppin, 17, were nabbed Wednesday night after a store security officer spotted them each swiping two items from the health and beauty department.

When subsequently confronted by police, the Toppins each removed a container of facial cream and deodorant from the pockets of their shorts, according to a police report. The brothers were arrested for shoplifting, the second time in recent months that they were busted for retail theft."

The Smoking Gun

These criminals will receive a slap on the wrist because they`re minors, but you don`t have to be a psychologist to know that larceny is in their blood, and  that they will continue their criminal behavior well into adulthood.  

When they are arrested as adults, they will probably serve time in jail. I suggest these imbeciles steal an industrial-size container of Vaseline, and have their mother smuggle it into jail  -- these baby-faced criminals will be easy prey for sexual predators behind bars.

Let`s hope against hope that these morons walk away from jail bowlegged but determined to walk the straight and narrow path.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia