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Published:November 14th, 2015 09:56 EST

Frail Grandmother Yells at Burglars: Get the Hell Out of My House!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Tacoma grandmother took matters into her own hands when she surprised robbers in her house, shouting them right out her front door.


Guelda Messina knows that police do not advise anyone confront intruders, but she says you never know how you will handle a situation until you are confronted with it.

Bumbling burglars made just enough noise to wake the wrong person.  

`Get the hell out of here,` Messina yelled at one of the men she described as in his 20s."


When confronted with three intruders, one armed with a crowbar, a typical grandmother would have wet her adult diapers and screamed into her Life Alert: Help I`ve fallen and I can`t get up! before she actually hit the floor.

But Messina isn`t your typical grandmother, she yelled at the home invaders: Get the hell out of my house!

The young punks ran away in shock, but not before grabbing her purse containing $20.

Security camera footage from inside the home captured Messina`s heroics, if you live in Tacoma and you recognize the burglars, please call the police:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia