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Published:November 16th, 2015 21:20 EST

Veterans Day - A Day of Remembrance for our Country

By Ron G Anselm

I love writing my yearly Veteran`s Day article and this year I did not have a chance to post it in time for Veterans Day, so think of this article as a belated Veterans Day article or an early one for next year.

Veterans Day is a day for our country to reflect back on what we have seen and been through the last fifteen years with the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the ongoing issue with ISIS and terrorism and is a day that will be a remembrance for all men and women who have served our country with honor.

And now with the terrorist attacks on Friday in Paris our country really needs to step up security and take it to the next level because what happened in Paris could very well happen in our country. It is going to take a team effort from every one of us to be able to fully protect our country internally and report any and all suspicious activity or any threats of terrorist acts to law enforcement or local government agencies.

Anyway, for me this is a day to reflect back on my military service and the men and women I served honorably with. I served in the Army during Operation Urgent Fury and the invasion of Grenada. I was nineteen years old just out of Army basic and advanced training when our military and a select few units hit the island of Grenada.

I reflect back to the guys I served with during that time which was all Vietnam Veterans in my unit and Battalion and probably most of the First Infantry Division (the Big Red One) where I was stationed at for that matter and who were the greatest guys to serve with.

You hear of the term A Band of Brothers " they were the definition of a band of brothers. I have never served or worked with a group of people that had your back and portrayed great leadership than the Vietnam Veterans and me being a very young pup at the time instilled my confidence that I would make it through in one piece any conflict our highly decorated Battalion would be called to confront and protect our great country serving with those guys.

I also heard some of the most intense and battle hardened Vietnam War stories from these guys and how it was when they came home from the war. I could not believe that people even before these Vietnam War veterans had a chance to step off the plane after making it back to our soil and time enough the grab their duffle bags how some people spit on them and called them names.

If you are one of these people who did that and don`t have a clue as to what really went on in Vietnam get a fricken clue. Vietnam was an intense war and these guys gave it their all for this country. On the other hand I am now glad to see that our country understands the sacrifices of war and what these men and women pay fighting in combat and that our country now goes to great lengths to honor their service.

I then after my service in the Army went into the Coast Guard during the Gulf War and Desert Storm One in the first stages of the operation. I served again with some great men and women and a lot of them were like myself prior service veterans from the Marines, Army, Navy and I think a few from the Air Force so we all had some great experience working as a team and protecting our country.

For this day that is an honor to be a part of a lot of people do still make the mistake of confusing the meaning of Veterans Day with the meaning of Memorial Day. The difference is that Veterans Days is honoring the men and women (veterans) who have served in war time and peace time and are still living. Memorial Day is honoring those military men and women who served and paid the ultimate price for the freedom of our country. Freedom is not free and many have sacrificed for the blanket of freedom we enjoy today.

The United States Senate passed on August 4, 2001 what is known as Resolution 143 which states that and is designated as the week of November 11 " November 17 as being known as National Veterans Awareness Week " This resolution is mainly directed toward Elementary and Secondary schools to give a little awareness and education on not only the meaning of Veterans Day but the sacrifices us veterans have given.

So, this Veterans Day take a little time to understand and reflect on the veterans who served and what our country has gone through and is still going through with the recent wars and terrorism. In my last article I wrote last year on veterans Day I mentioned if you see a large biker riding a Harley with a flag on the back of it and maybe a jean jacket with his past unit crest sewn on it, give him a thumbs up he is more than likely a veteran. Just make sure it clearly shows you are giving him a thumbs up and not something else because that may pose a little problem if he thinks you are flipping him the bird. Heck, if you can stop him long enough invite him to a cup of coffee to thank him for his service. I guarantee during that coffee time you will hear some of the most intense stories about his service and will more than likely make a friend who will have your back when you need it.

Happy belated Veterans Day to all who have served and sacrificed....

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