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Published:November 18th, 2015 14:48 EST

Hasbro Robot Cat Perfect Gift for Senior Citizens

By Robert Paul Reyes

"After already conquering demographics including kids, teenagers, and those technically considered adults, Hasbro is reaching out to that last frontier of consumers: seniors, with a new toy line featuring lifelike robotic companion pets that only need affection, not feeding or bathroom breaks.


The company`s new Joy For All line might sound a little depressing, almost like a robotic substitute for visiting your grandparents. But you grew up with Tamagotchis, Pokemon, and other virtual pets that never needed much maintenance; why shouldn`t your aging loved ones also be able to enjoy some virtual companionship too? "

Cats are independent and self-reliant; however they do require a minimum of care: They must be fed daily, groomed occasionally, and their litter boxes must be cleaned at least once a day.

Adults and even children are more than capable of taking care of cats and kittens, but an elderly person might forget to clean the litter box or to feed the cat.

A robot cat is the perfect gift for your slightly daffy grandmother, it looks like a real cat, and grandma can pet it all day long, and it won`t crap on her pillow because she forgot to clean her litter box.

Hasbro`s $99 Companion Pet Cat is now available, and comes equipped with motion and light sensors so that it can respond to being petted. Granny will think the cat is real, and she just might make the robot cat the only beneficiary to her will.

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