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Published:November 19th, 2015 10:43 EST

Experts: Viral Cucumber Prank Harmful to Cats

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A viral trend involving placing cucumbers behind cats has been deemed cruel and harmful behavior by some experts.


The trend, depicted in YouTube videos, involves sneakily placing a cucumber behind a cat, usually while it is eating. In most cases the cats become frightened at the sight of the cucumber and proceed to run away.

Animal behavior expert Dr. Roger Mumford sought to explain the phenomenon.

"I think that the reaction is due to the novelty and unexpectedness of finding an unusual object secretly placed whilst their heads were down in the food bowl,` he said."


This is a follow-up to my article: OMG! Cats are Terrified of Cucumbers! Video!

Placing a cucumber on the pillow of the one-night-stand sleeping next to you is one thing, but placing a cucumber behind a cat is cruel and unusual punishment.

You may entertain your clueless friends by posting a video of your cat scared to death by a cucumber, but you should be beaten over the head with a cucumber if you attempt this foolish prank.

If you scare your feline with a cucumber, I hope and pray that you will have a nightmare involving Rosie O`Donnell and the biggest cucumber in the world.

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