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Published:November 19th, 2015 10:09 EST

Hillary Clinton Tries to Censor Video Poking Fun at Her Lesbian Orientation

By Robert Paul Reyes

"In what appears to be a first for a serious presidential contender, Hillary Clinton`s campaign is going after five comedians who made fun of the former Secretary of State in standup skits at a popular Hollywood comedy club.


A video of the short performance, which is less than three minutes, is posted on the website of the renowned club, Laugh Factory, and the Clinton campaign has tried to censor it. Besides demanding that the video be taken down, the Clinton campaign has demanded the personal contact information of the performers that appear in the recording."

Judicial Watch

Hillary Clinton`s sexual orientation is the worst kept secret in politics and in the entertainment business. Even folks who aren`t street smart suspect that Hillary walks on the lesbian side of the street.

Hillary is on a mission from God to ban this video because most of the comics who appear on it poke fun at her lesbian orientation. These aren`t Christian comics (oxymoron?), but hip comics, and that`s just too much for Hillary to take.

If there`s nothing wrong with being a lesbian, and there isn`t, then why does Hillary have her granny panties in a bunch over this hilarious video? Hillary has some `splainin` to do!

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