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Published:November 19th, 2015 09:21 EST

Tumbles the Two-legged Puppy Will Melt Your Heart: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A two-legged puppy named Tumbles is living up to his name.

The six-week-old terrier-beagle mix, who was born without front legs, is no stranger to slipping and falling. But with help from a new 3-D printed wheelchair, the pup`s tumbling days may be over.


As the runt of the litter, he couldn`t compete for his mother`s milk; he had to be bottle fed. That`s when his family decided to bring him to Ohio animal shelter Friends of the Shelter Dogs.

After sharing several photos of the two-legged dog on social media, a supporter reached out to the shelter to share a design for a 3-D printed wheelchair."


In less enlightened times a puppy born without front legs would have been summarily killed. I commend Tumble`s owners for making an honest attempt to care for him, only when they realized they couldn`t properly take care of the precious creature did they take him to an animal shelter.

I commend the Friends of the Shelter Dogs for not euthanizing Tumbles, but dedicating their efforts to make the best life possible for him.

Thanks to compassionate human beings and high-tech, Tumbles in now walking all over his foster parent`s home in 3-D printed wheelchair.

Tumbles is in the care of a foster family, and he isn`t available for adoption right now, but dozens of dog lovers have expressed an interest in providing him with a forever home.

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