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Published:November 20th, 2015 09:20 EST

Mom Outraged by Article About Hillary Clinton and Her Daughter

By SOP newswire3

This is a rebuttal to the article by Robert Paul Reyes:

Outrage: Parents Dress Daughter, 4, as Hillary Clinton!


This IS NOT humorous to me. In fact, it`s down right evil. Exorcist? Psychologist? Child abuse? Wow. You are speaking about my 4 year old daughter whom you know nothing about. But sure, I will write a rebuttal. 

Sullivan DOES know Hillary Clinton as well as the wicked witch of the west which I`m pretty sure is a fictional character. I am a contributing editor for Political Nation and Sullivan has the privilege of accompanying me to many different forums and town hall meetings. She has met Mr. Trump, Senior Senator Graham, Representative Sanford, Governor Kasich, Governor O`Malley, Former Governor Dean as well as Mayor Joe Riley, State Senator Kimpson, Mrs. Fiorina and of course Secretary Clinton. 

This is HER opinion on the politicians she has met. 

"Mr. Trump is mean and he doesn`t like Mexican people." 

"Sen. Graham is really nice to me. But he likes guns. Guns are bad."

"Rep. Sanford is so nice Mommy! He liked the picture I drew him and sat and talked to me for a long time about it."

"Gov O`Malley is soooo tall and he doesn`t like guns. I don`t like guns either."

"Gov. Dean is very smilely and let me take his picture."

"Mayor Riley is sooooooo nice! We watch baseball games at this field."

"Sen. Kimpson is funny and he has a little girl who is my same age. I want to play with her."

"Mrs. Fiorina is mean. She wouldn`t let me take a picture." 


Hillary Clinton

"When I go to Hillary`s office I get to do crafts and paint H`s. I love H`s! My sister`s name is H too! She is so pretty. She is so nice. She wants me to go to school. She said I could be the president of the United States because she said I could be anything I wanted to be and I want to be president too! She told me she LOVED my picture! She wants to help mommy get a good job. She likes girls. She wants girls to be just as good as boys. I want to have my birthday party at her house! The White House but I bet she paints it lellow when she lives there. Hillary is my best friend!"

Hey Robert, guess what she also loves Jesus and Ellen DeGeneres too! But she hasn`t met Ellen yet so they aren`t "friends". And Jesus wants to be her friend forever! 

I have raised both of my daughters to think for themselves while exposing them to the world and all it has to offer. My husband, Sullivan`s father, does not like Hillary. (Gasp!) He doesn`t really have a candidate as of yet. 

If you knew Sullivan you would know that one cannot make her do or like anything she doesn`t choose on her own. (She likes Calliou. I detest Calliou but because Sull likes him I read his stories and listen to his incessant whining almost daily)  Sully sees the world with rainbow glasses. She gives everyone a chance. If they are nice to her and treat her as a friend she loves them. It really doesn`t take much. BUT if they are mean to her or dismissive she will let me know. Whether it`s The Donald or Samuel from preschool. She is very quick to forgive however and gives many second chances.

Meeting Hillary has been an amazing experience for Sullivan, one that I plan to document in a scrapbook to give her one day. Your article is really the only hateful and nasty one. But go ahead. Keep the article up. That way, one day, my child will know about the different types of people in this world. The people who are happy for her and love Hillary, the people who are happy for her and do not like Hillary. And the people like you.

Now, let`s see if this "rebuttal" gets published.  


Jennifer Jones-Wood