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Published:November 22nd, 2015 09:55 EST

Racist Donald Trump Has No Tolerance for Racist Black Lives Matter: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Black Lives Matter protester was kicked out of a Donald Trump rally in Birmingham, Alabama on Saturday following an altercation with several Trump supporters.


Video of the fight shows Trump supporters shoving and kicking the protester before he is removed from the venue. The man was reportedly shouting `black lives matter,` with the saying also printed on his shirt, when multiple attendees began pushing and hitting him. One supporter can be heard chanting `all lives matter` on the video.

Trump addressed the altercation from the stage, calling on security to get him out of here.


Presidential candidate Donald Trump is an unabashed racist; he has repeatedly uttered anti-Mexican and anti-immigrant remarks, and although he enjoys a lead in the polls he has been denounced by pundits and the press.

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists are unabashed racists, they have repeatedly uttered anti-white and anti-cop statements, but nevertheless they enjoy positive media coverage.

Not only are the BLM demonstrators racist, but they also engage in criminal behavior: Namely the destruction of public property and incitement of violence against police.

Finally they are undemocratic to the core, they have a penchant for taking over political rallies, not allowing presidential candidates to speak, and screaming their racist and infantile rhetoric from the stage.

On several occasions BLM has attempted to disrupt Donald Trump speeches, and unlike Senator Bernie Sanders and former Maryland gov. Martin O`Malley who meekly allowed BLM to take over their events, Trump ordered his security to remove the racist and narcissistic agitators.

Americans are desperate for a leader who won`t be pushed around by Islamic terrorists and Islamic rulers, is it any wonder that Trump is leading the polls, even though he is blatantly racist?

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