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Published:November 22nd, 2015 10:23 EST

Russian Magazine Cover Depicts Obama as a Boy Enthralled by Macho Putin

By Robert Paul Reyes

This image of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama recently graced the cover of a Russian magazine.


In the image a muscle shirt-clad Putin is winking at the camera, while a diminutive Obama is staring at Putin`s bulging biceps and tenderly caressing his arm.

This masterpiece perfectly captures the relationship between Putin and Obama: Obama is a boy enthralled by a real man. Anyone who reads any racist or anti-gay bias in this statement is only revealing his latent bigotry.

America admires a statesman and patriot who isn`t afraid to flex his military muscles, unfortunately that statement describes the manly Putin, not the wimp Obama.

Masterpiece drawing:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia