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Published:November 23rd, 2015 17:13 EST

Robert Paul Reyes: Things I Am Thankful For!

By Robert Paul Reyes

My little pink house, my humble version of the American Dream.

My job, it pays the bills.


Tico, quite simply the most adorable 25-pound cat in the world.

Judyth Piazza, the CEO of TheSOP.Org, hard to believe I`ve been writing for the SOP since 2008.

My Jeep Cherokee, 223,000 miles and still running.

Mandy, the most beautiful pooch in the world.

Ebony, my black cat can`t stand Tico, but she loves me and Mandy.

My crazy sisters: Linda, Mary and Jackie.

My beautiful and brilliant nieces: Taina, Salena and Kristen.

My faithful readers.

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